High precision systems for pure water, clean air and cleaned soil

In the field of green technologies, reliable performance is crucial. However, the implementation of future oriented concepts is even more important. Innovative Becker technology is used to ensure a good future for the environment.

Technology for water treatment and ventilation

We offer solutions to outfitters and other companies in the water treatment branch, environmental engineers as well as municipal and private water works. Becker has a range of economic and ecological concepts such as whirlpool aeration, bubble pads and other attractive ideas for designers, outfitters and operators of private and public swimming pools.

We are specialized in compressor technology for aeration systems in small decentralized water treatment systems, such as those used in low population density areas.

Long lasting precision

Our analyzers are used to monitor dust levels in industrial installations and production lines. Very reliable over a long service life, these units maintain a constant flow volume, even with increased functioning. These compact pumps are also extremely silent in operation, which is another ecological aspect of these units.

Technological soil cleaning

Soil cleaning requires strong and robust equipment that can handle high levels of moisture and dirt in open environments. Oil free drying is able to work continuously at a high level of precision even under extreme conditions.

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