About Becker

Brothers Otto and Robert Becker founded the “Maschinenfabrik Gebr Becker” in Barmen, Germany in 1885. Becker is a traditional enterprise, being in the fourth generation. Becker is a manufacturer of compact and silent vacuum pumps that use vibration-free technology, guaranteeing reliable results every time.

Air technology plays an essential role in today’s industrial world. Without vacuum technology, no modern hospital or print center could work. There would be virtually no food packaging, and semiconductor production would be stopped.

In addition to Becker’s printing and packaging industry, where Becker has a long tradition, Becker units are also used in logistics, medicine and environmental technology.

Numerous industrial processes have become possible only under vacuum pressure (vacuum). Suction and suction air ensures precise and fast handling (pick and place) in production lines.

The company has repeatedly initiated new revolutions in the field of vacuum and pneumatic technologies. To continue this trend in the future, the research and development department cooperates with well-known partners, such as Fraunhofer Gesellschaft in Aachen and Dortmund. The main objective of the cooperation is technological development and fundamental research, application research, company organization, quality management and human resource development.

Becker was chosen the company of the year in 2016.

The equipment sold and installed by the Becker team meets the following requirements for efficiency: easy operation in complete safety, long service life, prompt service, very good quality-price ratio, quick design time, assembly and installation. Whatever your requirements, Becker through Robital Industrial Supplier can deliver the equipment you need.

About Robital

Robital Industrial Supplier SRL is the official representative in Romania of two German companies, leaders in vacuum and compressed air technology, namely Gebr.Becker Gmbh and J. Schmalz Gmbh. They offer a complete range of equipment in this field.

Our team members are engineers with over 20 years of experience in the robotics and vacuum automation industry, developing over the years the design, realization and installation of vacuum and independent robotic lifting and handling equipment, high performance systems and customized for many applications across industries.

The Robital team, by participating in the annual training courses sourced by our German suppliers, is ready to offer customized services at a high quality level. Five electro-mechanic engineers, an automatist engineer, engineer with specialization in Machinery and Production Systems and an economist specializing in Logistics, will respond to your requests.

Robital equipment, technical solutions and services are customized according to the budget, field and timelines you want.

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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