Systems with high precision for the medical industry

More than 2000 clinics worldwide are using Becker vacuum pumps because the high performance is required daily. Becker supports you in your way of success with: proven oil lubricated vacuum pump systems and oil-free vacuum units for many areas of clinical and outpatient treatment

Oil-free vacuum pumps for medical technology are a true Becker innovation. They operate with practical virtually maintenance-free dependability.

Maximum utility, minimum costs

Central suction systems save energy and operational cost thanks to integral rotational speed regulation. No excess, no wasted energy – the required flow of suction air is equal to the required volume needed for optimal efficiency.

International certifications

Our devices perform the tough requirements of the US Standard NFPA 99C. And this is not all, the very high level of Becker quality satisfies the ruling international standards: German DIN 13260, British HTM22 / HTM2022, French NFS90155.

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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