Vacuum pumps for the wood industry

For four decades Becker has been supplying vacuum pumps to the woodworking industry. Becker is the best supplier in the use of vacuum pumps for clamping, conveying or coating of workpieces.

Safety is particularly important for gathering wooden workpieces. In this regard, robust, maintenance-free vacuum pumps are efficient and versatile. Above all, fast processing and accurate results ensure the process is safe.

Regardless of the type of transport, vacuum pumps guarantee the speed and delicate handling of your materials. Precision is essential for the safe handling of wooden products. Thanks to integrated frequency converters, it is possible to connect to the control unit of a processing machine, and vacuum pumps can be easily operated via the machine control panel.

VARIAIR products keep energy costs at a minimum. Dust sensitive vacuum relief valves are not required. The pumps are fully electronically protected.

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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