Vacuum and compressed air technology

Becker vacuum pumps and compressors have proven themselves in more than 2000 different applications worldwide thanks to the solutions for numerous processes in many areas of machine and system engineering. With industrial robot vacuum you can transport, fix, lift, handle, dry or cool your system.

The engineers help to design the optimal pneumatic system, using assistive software or monitoring measurements.

Development of the application and the know-how of the product, as well as a wide spectrum of vacuum pumps, compressors and complete pneumatic systems make the basis for the selection of a suitable personalized solution. Low operating costs, low-maintenance operation, low energy consumption, compact construction and low noise levels are very important for us.

Our smart air generators in the VARIAIR product range offer solutions for automatic adaptation to the control system of the production processes. Thus overpressure and underpressure values or flow rates can be kept constant despite altered process requirements. The system does not need additional sensor technology thanks to the patented, integrated processor that continuously compares and corrects set and actual values.

Our product range includes many single units or complete pneumatic systems.

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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