Automatic packaging

Becker vacuum pumps and compressors are key components in the stamping process, foil or carton automatic packaging systems. Intelligent control systems provide a precision measurement of vacuum.

Automation of processes can be achieved thanks to the maximum flexibility in handling a wide range of products and materials. The goal is to achieve a rapid packaging and maximum productivity. Our engineers have been investigating the vacuum for many decades to learn how to use it for work processes and applications.

Packaging in the food industry using vacuum

Worldwide requirements for fresh food are growing daily. Therefore, manufacturers of food packaging systems are required to implement appropriate technologies to ensure that these foods actually reach the clients while they are still fresh. Even if you want to pack meat, cheese, fruits or vegetables, our vacuum pumps and packaging compressors, BAM-certified, allow you to pack your food as soon as possible.

Modern packaging logistics for food based applications

Except for standard requirements, such as freshness and long shelf life, packing and shipment agents often require personalized solutions. You can consider Becker engineers as your partners to help you optimize vacuum packaging processes.

Our intelligent vacuum pumps and compressors are extremely reliable and can be used to automatically control air supply.

Increase the productivity and efficiency of your business.

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