Modern printing technology

Becker’s technology leads paper printing and processing to another level. Our customers have access to a big range of devices: a wide range of vacuum pumps and compressors, separate units, customized systems or central pneumatic systems.

Becker vacuum pumps are used to secure the print plates during laser engraving, to remove dust through the CTP (Computer to Plate) process and are ideal for gentle handling of the printing plates. Compact, silent and with low vibration, our pumps are the key to maintaining high quality printing results.

Becker pneumatic systems in print processes

Modern printing processes require a high print speed and a short switching time. The VARIAIR system will help you achieve these goals. With this system, the vacuum flow is constantly controlled, depending on your requirements. The system is easy to use from the printer’s control panel. We also have many units for simple or small equipment. All these are 100% oil-free and easy to maintain.

After the paper, metal, cardboard or other materials have been printed, the process is really beginning: folds – punching – cutting – collapsing – stapling – laminating – book binding. For these post printing processes, we offer ideal vacuum pumps and compressors.

In addition to the vacuum supply system, there are many other components that play an essential role in guaranteeing high quality printing results. For example, Becker products are used to provide continuous vacuum feed for powder coating applications as well as decentralized compact systems for ionizing applications.

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